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  • Civics Assignments

    Canadian Citizenship - Citizenship and Immigration, Canada. Learn about the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens, qualifications for citizenship, procedures etc.

    Canadian Government Information on the Internet. Includes Federal, Provincial and Municipal information.

    Links to major citizen-led and funded private organizations. The individual as citizen: OXFAM, Greenpeace, Amnesty International.... The citizen at provincial and national level: the law, and current issues, also the global citizen.

    Government of Canada. Excellent site for all aspects of Canadian government

    Ontario Government.The provincial level of government. Contains news of programs and policies of each ministry. Links to each ministry.Also includes links to information on topics such as employment standards, health cards, birth certificates, lost wallets, lottery numbers etc. and to government publications. The Premier has his own website, as does every M.P.P.

    The Parliament of Canada. Parliamentary internet website, created and maintained jointly by the Senate, House of Commons and the Library of Parliament - offers information on the Canadian Parliament.