General Directories...

AltaVista Connections - Translation with Systran. Translation of words and/or text from English to French and vice versa (also available for other languages)

Le Dictionnaire Universel Francophone En Ligne. This dictionary explains the meaning and usage of French words and is the French equivalent to the English Oxford Dictionary. le guide francais du net A huge repertory of 75.000 sites covering a multitude of topics in French and featuring daily news.

Yahoo!France. A comprehensive directory and search engine in French providing sites for a host of topics.

About France... Ooh!LaLa... Although in English, this site has information about French culture, travel, gastronomy, media, business, and Top 10 (best things to see, visit, eat, etc.) in France.
Le Ministre des Affaires Etrangres-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
This government site provides detailed information on France in
French as well as in English, Spanish and German.

About Quebec...
LaToile du Quebec. A directory of Quebec sites in French covering many aspects of Quebec culture and life.
Ressources en francais langue seconde / Resources for Students of French as a Second Language. Designed at the University of Ottawa, this site contains links to exercises and resources for students, and resources for teachers such as information about French in Canada outside Quebec, Quebec, France, francophonie in the world, and miscellaneous information related to FSL.

Tennessee Bob's Famous French links. A comprehensive and regularly updated database of links to francophone sites all over the world. Includes links to French literature, art, music, history, tourism, film, teaching resources etc...

World languages. Links to courses, tutorials, dictionaries, quizzes etc., to French, German, Italian and Spanish. Extensive supplementary links as well to many other languages on-line--Arabic, Chinese, Latin A terrific site.