Law Dictionaries:

Legal Research Tools On the Internet:

  • Access to Justice Network (ACJNet) - "is an electronic community that brings together people, information, and educational resources on justice and legal issues of interest to Canadians". Includes Canadian Law : structures, statutes, by-laws, cases, admin decisions and bills. The site is searchable for specific topics.

  • Best Guide to Canadian Legal research - Excellent links to all aspects of Canadian Law. Includes: Courts, Judges, Tribunals, Faculties of Law, Gov't & Politics, Legislation, Computers, Directories etc.

  • Canada Department of Justice. Describes the programs and services that implement major changes in legislation, such as in youth justice, child support, firearms control, victims of crime compensation etc.

  • CanadaLegal. com .Find a lawyer, and Canadian legal information for 100 areas of law.

  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The complete text of the Charter, which is a fundamental protection for all Canadians.

  • Canadian Legal Information Institute (CANLII). CanLII, Canada's main source of free access to primary legal material, was created for the Federation of Law Societies of Canada by the University of Montreal's LexUM team at the Public Law Research Centre.