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  • Ask Dr. Math - High School Archive.

    Dave's Math Table. A collection of math reference tables that includes: General Math, Algebra; Geometry; Odds and Ends, Trigonometry; Calculus; Statistics; and Advanced Topics.

  • High School Math Homework

  • Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles. Hundreds of games and brain teasers illustrate algebraic and geometric theories. Links, glossary, and examples of usage.

  • The MacTutor History of Mathematics. Searchable archive contains the history of math in 30 categories and biographies of more than 1,100 mathematicians. Special feature is an index of female mathematicians.

  • Manipulate Math with Java. Interactive problems in calculus, trigonometry, geometry, linear algebra, and complex analysis.

  • Math Archives. National Science Foundation & Univ. of Tennessee's extensive, well-organised collection of lesson plans, software, resources, and web-sites for K-12 math education. Archive of public-domain software.

  • The Math Forum.Extensive clearinghouse of high-quality math resources. Provides annotated, selective directories for a wide range of mathematical topics and educational levels; and links to schools, universities, and research centres.

  • This is MEGAMathematics! A project of the Los Alamos National Research Laboratory, this site has puzzles, a glossary, and special topics on math concepts such as infinity, graphs, and algorithms.

  • WebMath. Got a math problem to solve? Plug it into WebMath's "math-engine" and not only get the answer, but step-by-step instructions on how it's done, too. Categories include Everyday Math, Fractions, Word Problems (percents), Units Conversion, Quadratic Expressions, and more.